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Sifu Hang Ng Chow Gar Kung Fu Master was 16 years old when he started to practice Chow Gar Mantis Kung fu. Before the Chow Gar System, he had studied a different style for a short period of time but as soon as he noticed the Chow Gar`s special strength, he immediately visited his Master Ip Shui Grand Master’s school. Yip Shui was one of the most respected martial artists in Hong Kong after defeating many famous Kung Fu masters in bare hand challenges. The Grand Master’s legendary power and abilities still have a great impact on the Sifu Hang. Ip Shui was a great Master and a Unique person so it is very difficult to find anyone who could be same as the Grand Master Ip Shui. Sifu Hang Ng is still studying the teachings that the Grand Master, Ip Shui shared with him. Sifu Hang Ng pays huge attention to details. He believes in continuous development. Accordingly, the acquired knowledge is constantly shaped and modified so that Sifu Hang wants to make his own practice and style more practical and perfect. Even in the early years, he was devoted to perfect knowledge and high quality. Whatever he has learnt he has always been looking for ways to improve it.

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Sifu Hang Ng has not stopped practicing Kung Fu since then. He was a very diligent student in the beginning. He asked a lot and wanted to get the most up-to-date in information. His main interests were: practising and applying real power. Sifu Hang Ng has always been looking for the most practical and effective exercises and movements. Sifu Hang spent most of his youth in Venezuela, being overseas it was hard to train properly but he did not give up practising Chow Gar Mantis. He even passed on his knowledge to some students there. He focused his training on body movements and body conditioning including Qi Gung exercises.

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He practised with several martial arts representatives over the years of training. Whether it is other Chinese Martial Arts or Japanese, Korean, maybe Thai styles, Sifu believes that it is always possible to learn something from other Masters and practitioners. It is important to observe each time that a technique or application is practical or not. If you manage to find effective solutions, you can build it into your own martial arts. However, we can only find this by constantly looking for better and more effective practices and applications. Perfect technique or martial art does not exist. However, we must strive to improve our current knowledge without stopping. Whenever we look for the better and we can integrate it into our system, we can create a constantly changing and evolving Martial Art. Development and adaptation are extremely important. You need to look for the better without stopping and accepting everything with which we can improve our knowledge with an open heart and consciousness. The martial arts have always been alive by being able to adapt to a particular challenge. If this development stopped, the martial arts would only be an old tradition. Of course, respect for traditions is extremely important. But they must be kept alive and adapted to the challenges of today’s world.

As mentioned earlier, Sifu Hang Ng has lived and worked in Venezuela for many years. He dealt with trade there until his return to Hong Kong. During these years he met his wonderful wife and had a daughter and son. He had been actively pursuing and developing his strength and abilities. 10 kilometers per day of running and many Qi Gung Exercises were the basic training program. Of course, in addition to these, perfecting and refining the techniques and form exercises was a crucial part of the workout. In the Venezuelan years he taught the Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu System following the traditional line. He also travelled to Hong Kong a few times where he visited his Master. The special strength of Sifu Hang Ng already started to unfold at this time. In 1987, he and his Chow Gar Mantis brothers founded the current school in Mongkok, Hong Kong. The Grand Master, Ip Shui was also present at the opening ceremony. He had visited the school for a few times and was pleased with the school. Master Sifu Hang Ng is proud to have opened his own school with his Kung Fu Brothers. He was particularly proud since Ip Shui, the Grand Master gave the permission and support for the school. This has fully proved that Sifu Hang Ng and his Brothers` school is entitled to practice and teach Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu.

Ip Sui with Sifu Hang Ng

In 2005, Sifu Hang moved back to Hong Kong and since then he has been spending most of his time practising and teaching. For him, following the traditions is very important. He has been sharing his experiences and knowledge gained in the last 40 years. He has also changed and improved Chi Gung, body conditioning and applications and taken this unique style into the next level in his own way. There are indeed some differences between his Chow Gar system and the original one. Due to the fact that not everyone accepts the changes, despite its proven effectiveness and efficiency, Sifu Hang Ng has established its own organization in 2019 which is the Hang Ng Mantis Kung Fu Association. The style continues to include the Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu system but many practices and applications are more practical and effective than those of the traditional system. In the forms, it requires precise and sharp movements, where the expression of the right force must be presented.

Opening Ceremony in the Mong Kok School

The long pole exercises were also modified by Sifu Hang Ng. The uniqueness of Chow Gar movements can be specifically discovered in the movements. In addition to the movements, it is important to apply shorter and more practical movements. Thus, shock power is also manifested in practice. These armed practices are completely different from traditional movements. However, there is no doubt about their effectiveness and the power to open up. Thanks to the modifications, the exercises are not just empty forms but also real application. This approach guides the Master every time he modifies, develops a moose. Be efficient and practical.

Sifu Hang Ng Long Pole Exercise

Sifu Hang has a number of very good students from different parts of the world whom he is very proud of, because they practice hard and have achieved continuous improvement. For these determined students, Sifu Hang has meticulously designed an instructor program which helps to take their training to a higher level. The program has three levels and upon completion of each level a certificate will be awarded. Each certificate has a very specific meaning, it is not just a piece of paper. It means that the students have gained knowledge and attained some very important achievements. Those awarded with a certificate have all successfully shown that they had earned it with quality. Certificate = Knowledge + Quality. Nowadays, the Master is sought from many countries in the world. And this is the best proof that not only his knowledge but also his personality is worthy of teaching, of passing on this special knowledge.

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