Sifu Hang Ng School

Sifu Hang Ng School of Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu opened its doors in 1987 in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district. Kung Fu School was opened with his Chow Gar Mantis Brothers and the Grand Master of the style, Ip Shui attended the ceremony as well. The Grand Master then visited the school several times. To this day, Sifu Hang Ng always mentions Grand Master Ip Shiu with great respect, who was perhaps the most famous master of Chow Gar Mantis. Sifu Hang Ng spent many years in Venezuela but did not give up training and improved his skills during his absence. Then in 2005 he returned to Hong Kong with his family for good and devoted all his time to the Chow Gar Mantis style, practice and development, which has not changed since then. Thanks to over forty years of practice and experience, the style of Sifu Hang Ng Chow Gar is now different from the old, traditional system. However, the basics are the same. As a result of practice and development, in 2019, Sifu Hang Ng founded an organization with his own name, called Hang Ng Mantis Association. The Master developed his own education and examination system, which is based on the changes he made and numerous Qi Gung and application forms. These are also described in detail on our website. Sifu Hang Southern Praying Mantis style is very practical and efficient. There are no elements the effectiveness or meaning of which are difficult to recognize. With hard work, this Southern Praying Mantis style can be mastered effectively and shows spectacular results relatively fast.

Sifu Hang Ng School Monk Kok

Nowadays, there are students of Sifu Hang Ng in several countries. They regularly practice with him at the Kung Fu school in Hong Kong. Qualifications are awarded at certain levels by the Master, so high quality is guaranteed. Several students come from other Chow Gar Mantis schools or other Martial Arts to Sifu Hang Ng`s School. However, this is an obvious advantage, as experience is always included in the current Southern Praying Mantis system.

Chow Gar Mantis Qi Kong San Bu Jian


Special form created by the Master. This practice develops in-depth the internal energy of the body and can acquire individual abilities. It may seem simple at first but experts will certainly discover the hardships and special details. The Qi Kong San Bu Jian is a particularly advanced form for the Sifu Hang Ng’s system. You can also find videos on our website explaining the details of unique Southern Praying Mantis form. 

sifu hang ng Matnis Kung fu video galery

The Shock Power and Speed Style

The Southern Praying Mantis style is famous for using the so-called shock power. This is a skill that makes this style unique. The movements must be practical and quick, without any unnecessary techniques. In combat applications, you have to keep your opponent under control, feeling his movements and strength. The short and effective movements react explosively, so they are able to trigger a destructive blow to the practitioner’s surprise. In this style, body conditioning is a particularly important skill. This means that the practitioner does not have to be afraid if the opponent hits his body. So you can concentrate fully on effective defense and attack. Further developing Sifu Hang Ng, the Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu excellent practices have effectively developed their own system in which these abilities have gained even greater scope.