Qi Kung San Bu Jian - Sifu Hang Ng

Qi Kung San Bu Jian is a Sifu Hang Ng created form that is particularly challenging and requires skill. Except for punches, every movements contain a slow, intense power. However, the power moves in a different direction, concentrating on different parts of the body. In the video gallery, you can view detailed videos where we analyze each movements. Of course, the Chow Gar Kung Fu style usually includes Qi Gung forms and exercises. There are traditional versions and you can find unique versions. Sifu Hang Ng’s Qi Gung form contains many important details.And this form focuses on the internal power and Body Conditioning. In recent years, Sifu Hang Ng has been constantly improving its Chow Gar Praying Mantis-based form. It takes years to practice it perfectly. Part of this is the detailed exercise and control of the individual parts.