Neck Qi Gung Exercise - Presented by Gabor Banfalvi

Neck Qi Gung Exercise is one of many practices that demonstrate the special strength of the neck. Of course, there is a long workout and practice before this practice. For the first time, practitioners are not trying with bag. We have several different neck practices. It is important to emphasize that in this practice the total muscles and tendons of the neck are visible, as in this case the weight of the bag, together with the weight of the bag, should be kept at 100 kg. There are several ways to strengthen our neck. Sifu Hang Ng also offers more solutions to enhance the neck’s true strength. In many cases and in many Kung Fu styles we can see that practitioners are training only the first part of the neck. This is effective with demonstrations, but Sifu Hang Ng emphasizes that it should not be superficial and the entire body should be trained. Accordingly, the entire neck should be trained even in the case of neck training. In this video, Gabor Banfalvi presents this exercise. He is Sifu Hang Ng’s student and he lives in Hungary and Ireland.