Australian Southern Praying Mantis

Australian Southern Praying Mantis

Australian Southern Praying Mantis School is located in several cities in Australia. There are currently two students at Sifu Hang Ng who have schools in two cities. Of course, their students are already in several places in Australia. Adam Hansen leads the Blue Mantis School and his brother, Matthew Hansen leads the Black Mantis School. They started to learn Chow Gar Mantis style in 1989 and in 1998 graded to Master level. Adam opened his school in 2004, where he has been teaching his disciples ever since. He contacted Sifu Hang Ng for the first time in 2015 to improve his knowledge. Later, he and his brother ,Matthew practised with the Master. In their invitation, Sifu Hang Ng travelled to Australia in 2017 and taught for one week in both schools. In 2018, they arrived in Hong Kong with over forty disciples, where they undertook Sifu Hang Ng under control of joint training. This Chow Gar Mantis School with Adam and Matthew provides you a great opportunity to learn the Chow Gar Mantis System. You can find more photos and videos about their trip to Hong Kong in our Kung fu Photo Gallery and Kung Fu Video Gallery.


Sifu Adam Hansen

Sifu Adam Hansen has trained in martial arts since the age of 8, his first contact with the Southern Praying Mantis kung Fu was in 1985, in 1989 started training SPM full time, in 1991 became one of the head instructors at the Chinese Kung Fu Academy on the Gold Coast Australia. In 1998 graded to Master level and opened his first school. In 2004 Blue Mantis Training Systems was established under this banner we offer Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Womens Self Defence, Corporate training packages to improve the quality of mind.

In 2015 Sifu Adam Hansen travelled to Hong Kong to further his knowledge in the Chow Gar Mantis system, training directly under Sifu Hang Ng. In 2017 Sifu Hang Ng granted Sifu Adam Hansen the Australian representative for Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu Association Hang Ng Lineage.

Other Qualifications

Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies, Professionally qualified personal fitness trainer, Reiki Master

Sifu Hang Seminar In Australia

Obviously there are more Chow Gar Mantis schools and trends in Australia. It is up to everyone to decide which direction to teach. The best solution may be if the master develops the direction he wants to represent and teach when he processes the experience. This way, it will be completely authentic and unique, while respecting the tradition of teaching that style. So does Sifu Hang Ng as well as Adam and Matthew Hansen.

Hansen Brothers in Hong Kon